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put on / ponerse
put on   put
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. [+one'noun coat, socks, hat]   ponerse
[+ointment, cream]   ponerse,   aplicarse more formal usage
·to put on one'noun make-up
·ponerse maquillaje,   maquillarse
2. (=add, increase)
·he'noun put on 3 kilos
·ha engordado 3 kilos
a. to put on [speed] =   acelerar,   cobrar velocidad
b. to put on [weight] =   engordar
·he has put on a lot of weight
·ha engordado mucho
3. (=organize)
[+concert]   presentar
[+exhibition]   montar
[+play]   representar,   poner en escena
[+extra bus, train]   poner
·we're putting on "Bugsy Malone"
·vamos a representar "Bugsy Malone"
4. (=assume)
[+expression, air]   adoptar
·to put on a French accent
·fingir (tener) un acento francénoun
a. there'noun no need to put on an [act], just be yourself =   no tienes por qué fingir, nouné mismo
b. to put on an innocent [expression] =   poner cara de inocente
c. she'noun not ill, she'noun just putting [it] on =   no está enferma, es puro teatro or está fingiendo
d. she put on a [show] of enthusiasm =   fingió entusiasmo
·the party put on a [show] of unity
·el partido presentó una fachada de unidad
5. (telecommunications)
·"is John there, please?" -- "I'll put him on"
·--¿por favor, está John? --le pongo
·can you put me on to Mr Smith please
póngame con or especially Latin America me comunica con el Sr. Smith, por favor
6. (=switch on, start)
[+light, radio]   encender,   prender Latin America
[+CD, tape, music]   poner
(=begin to cook)   poner (a cocer)
(=begin to heat)   poner (a calentar)
·shall I put the heating on?
·¿enciendo la calefacciónoun?
·to put the [brakes] on
·to put the kettle on
·poner agua a hervir
7. [+clock]   adelantar
a. to put a [clock] on one hour =   adelantar un reloj una hora
·don't forget to put the clocks on tonight
·esta noche no olviden adelantar los relojes
8. (especially United States)   *
(=deceive)   engañar
a. you're putting [me] on, aren't you? =   me estánoun tomando el pelo, ¿verdad?
B. -transitive verb + preposition
1. (=add to)
·the proposal would put 5p on (to) a litre of petrol
·la propuesta aumentaría en 5 peniques el litro de gasolina
·they put £2 on (to) the price
·añadieron 2 libras al precio
2. (=bet on)
a. to put [money] on a horse =   apostar dinero a un caballo,   jugarse dinero en un caballo
·he put £20 on Black Beauty to win
·apostó or se jugó 20 libras a que Black Beauty ganaba
b. I wouldn't put money on it!   yo no apostaría dinero
c. he'll be back, I'd put [money] on it   volverá, me apuesto lo que quieras
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