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put together / poner juntos
put together   put   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=place together)   poner juntos,   juntar
·put your feet together
·pon los pies juntos,   junta los pies
·don't put those two together, they fight
·no pongas a esos dos juntos que se pelean
·if all the cigars in the world were put together end to end
·si se unieran uno tras otro todos los puros del mundo
·put your hands together now for ...
·démosle una calurosa bienvenida a ...
a. she'noun worth more than all the others put together   vale masculineánoun que todos los demonstrativeánoun juntos
2. (=assemble)
[+model kit, piece of furniture]   armar,   montar
[+meal]   preparar
[+collection]   juntar,   reunir
[+team]   reunir,   formar
·he took it apart piece by piece and put it back together again
·lo desmontó pieza a pieza y lo volvió a montar otra vez
·the furniture had been put together out of old crates
·habían hecho los muebles con viejos cajones de embalaje
3. (=formulate)
[+plan, scheme]   formular,   preparar
[+publication]   preparar
·she put together a convincing defence of her client
·preparó una defensa de su cliente muy convincente
·he can't even put two sentences together
·no sabe ni siquiera enhilar dos frases seguidas
·I need a few minutes to put my [thoughts] together
·necesito unos minutos para pensarme las cosas un poco
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