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put out / sacar
put out   put
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=place outside)
[+rubbish]   sacar
[+cat]   sacar fuera,   dejar afuera
·he put the cat out for the night
·sacó al gato a que pasara la noche fuera,   dejó al gato fuera para que pasara la noche
·to put the clothes out to dry
·sacar la ropa a secar
2. (=eject)
[+squatter, tenant, troublemaker]   echar,   expulsar
3. (=stretch out, push out)
[+hand]   alargar,   tender
[+arm]   alargar,   extender
[+tongue, claws, horns]   sacar
[+leaves, shoots]   echar
·he put out his arm to protect himself
·se protegió con el brazo,   puso el brazo para protegerse
·to put one'noun head out of a window
·asomar la cabeza por una ventana
4. (=lay out in order)
[+cards, chessmen, chairs]   disponer,   colocar
[+clothes, best china]   sacar,   poner
5. (=publish)
[+book]   publicar,   sacar
[+record]   sacar
[+appeal, statement, propaganda]   hacer
[+warning]   dar
[+programme]   transmitir
[+rumour]   hacer circular,   hacer correr
·they have put out a press release denying the allegations
·han desmentido las alegaciones en un comunicado de prensa,   han emitido un comunicado de prensa negando las alegaciones
6. (=extinguish)
[+light, cigarette, fire]   apagar
·it took them five hours to put out the fire
·tardaron cinco horas en apagar el incendio
7. (=annoy, upset)   enfadar,   enojar Latin America
·he was very put out at finding her there
·se enfadó mucho al encontrarla allí
·she looked very put out
·parecía muy enfadada
·he'noun a bit put out that nobody came
·le sentó mal que no viniera nadie
8. (=disconcert)   desconcertar
·he didn't seem at all put out by the news
·no parecía estar en absoluto desconcertado por las noticias
9. (=inconvenience)   molestar
a. to put [o.noun.] out
·she really put herself out for us
·se tomó muchas molestias por nosotros
·don't put yourself out, will you!
ironic   ¡tú, sobre todo, no hagas nada!
b. I don't want to put [you] out =   no quiero molestarle
·you mustn't put yourself out
·no debes molestarte
·are you sure I'masculine not putting you out?
·¿está seguro de que no le causo ningúnoun inconveniente?
10. (=render incorrect)
[+calculations]   desbaratar,   echar por tierra
11. (Sport)
[+team, contestant]   eliminar   (of   de)
·a knee injury put him out of the first two games
·una lesiónoun de rodilla lo eliminó de los primeros dos partidos
12. (=dislocate)
[+shoulder, knee]   dislocar
a. I put my [back] out lifting that box =   me he hecho polvo la espalda levantando esa caja
13. (=give anaesthetic to)   anestesiar,   dormir
14. (=lend)
[+money]   prestar
·to put money out at interest
·prestar dinero con intereses
15. (=subcontract)
a. to put something out [to] tender =   sacar algo a concurso or a licitaciónoun
·to put work out [to] contract
·sacar una obra a contrata
16. (nautical)
[+boat]   echar al mar
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
1. (nautical)   salir,   zarpar   (from   de)
·to put out to sea
·hacerse a la mar
2. (United States)   **
(=agree to sex)   acceder,   consentir
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