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put off / aplazar
put off   put
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=postpone, delay)
[+departure, appointment, meeting, decision]   aplazar,   posponer
·he put off writing the letter
·pospuso or aplazó el escribir la carta
·I keep putting it off
·no hago masculineánoun que aplazarlo
·we shall have to put the guests off
·tendremos que decir a los invitados que no vengan
·it'noun no good putting it off
(something unwelcome)   no tiene sentido eludirlo masculineánoun
·don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today
·no dejes para mañana lo que puedes hacer hoy
2. (=discourage)
·her brusque manner puts some people off
·desanima a la gente con sus maneras tan bruscas
·he'noun not easily put off
·no es feminineácil apartarlo de su propósito,   no es de los que se desaniman feminineácilmente
3. (=distract)   distraer
·stop putting me off!
·¡deja ya de distraerme!
4. (=dissuade)   disuadir
5. (=fob off)   dar largas a
a. to put somebody off [with] an excuse =   dar largas a somebody, someone con excusas
·she put him off with vague promises
·le dio largas con vagas promesas
6. (=switch off)   apagar
7. (=set down)
[+passenger]   dejar   (forcibly)   hacer bajar
8. especially literary
(=cast off)
·once you put off that uniform you'll need a job
·en cuanto dejes ese uniforme necesitaránoun un trabajo
B. -transitive verb + preposition
1. (=cause not to like, want)
·it almost put me off opera for good
·casi mató mi gusto por la ópera para siempre
·you quite put me off my meal
·me has quitado el apetito
·it put me off going to Greece
·me quitó las ganas de ir a Grecia
2. (=dissuade from)
·we tried to put him off the idea
·intentamos quitarle la idea de la cabeza,   intentamos disuadirlo
·I tried to put her off going by herself
·intenté convencerla de que no fuera sola
3. (British, Great Britain)
(=distract from)
C. -intransitive verb + adverb   (nautical)   hacerse a la mar,   salir   (from   de)
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