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puff / resoplido
puff   [pʌf]
A. -noun
1. [of breathing, engine]   resoplido (m)
b. [of air]   soplo (m)
c. [of wind]   racha (f),   ráfaga (f)
d. [of smoke]   bocanada (f)   (on cigarette, pipe)   chupada (f)
·I'masculine out of puff
*   estoy sin aliento
2. (=powder puff)   borla (f)
3. (culinary, cooking )
·cream puff   petisú (m),   pastel (m) de crema
4. *
(=advert)   bombo (m) / bombo masculine (f)
5. (Drugs)   **   canabis (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=blow)   soplar
[+pipe etcetera]   chupar
·to puff smoke
·echar bocanadas de humo
·to puff smoke in somebody'noun face
·echar humo a la cara de somebody, someone
2. also puff up
(=inflate)   hinchar,   inflar Latin America
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=breathe heavily)   jadear,   resoplar
·to puff (away) at or on one'noun pipe
·chupar la pipa
2. ·the train puffed into/out of the station
·el tren entró en/salió de la estaciónoun echando humo
D. -compound
·puff adder   -noun   víbora (f) puff
·puff paste   -noun
(United States)   puff pastry
·puff pastry   -noun   hojaldre (m)
·puff sleeves   -noun plural   mangas feminine plural filipinas
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