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propose / proponer
propose   [prəˈpəʊz]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=suggest)
1.1. (generally)   proponer
·the idea was first proposed in 1789
·la idea se propuso por primera vez en 1789
·what do you propose?
·¿qué propones?
·to propose something [to] somebody
·proponer algo a somebody, someone
a. to propose [doing] something
·I propose writing her a letter
(=I suggest I write)   me propongo escribirle una carta
(=I suggest that someone writes)   yo propongo que se le escriba una carta
b. to propose [that] =   proponer que + subjunctive
·I propose that we go and see her
·propongo que vayamos a verla
1.2. (in meeting, parliament)
[+amendment]   proponer
[+motion]   presentar
1.3. to propose [marriage] to somebody =   proponer a somebody, someone en matrimonio,   hacer una proposiciónoun or propuesta de matrimonio a somebody, someone
1.4. to propose somebody'noun [health] =   beber a la salud de somebody, someone,   brindar por somebody, someone
b. to propose a [toast] (to somebody) =   proponer un brindis (por somebody, someone)
2. (=nominate)
a. he proposed Smith [as] or [for] chairman =   propuso a Smith como presidente
·to propose somebody [for] membership of a club
·proponer a somebody, someone como socio de un club
3. (=intend)
·to propose [to] do something
·propose [doing] something
·pensar hacer algo
·I do not propose to discuss this matter any further
·no pienso hablar masculineánoun de este asunto
·what do you propose doing?
·¿qué piensas hacer?
B. -intransitive verb
1. (=offer marriage)
·to propose [to] somebody
·proponer a somebody, someone en matrimonio,   hacer una proposiciónoun de matrimonio a somebody, someone
·have you proposed yet?
·¿le has propuesto en matrimonio ya?,   ¿le has hecho una proposiciónoun de matrimonio ya?
2. ·man proposes, God disposes
·el hombre propone y Dios dispone
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