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process / proceso
process   1   [ˈprəʊses]
A. -noun
1. (=series of developments)   proceso (m)
·the [production] process
·el proceso de producciónoun
·the processes of [government]
·los trámites gubernamentales
a. the [ageing] process =   el envejecimiento
b. I got what I wanted but made a lot of enemies [in] the process =   conseguí lo que quería pero a costa de crearme muchos enemigos
c. in the process [of]
·it is in (the) process of construction
·está en (vías de) construcciónoun
·we are in the process of moving house
·estamos en medio de una mudanza
2. (=specific method)   proceso (m),   procedimiento (m)
·the [Bessemer] process
·el proceso de Bessemer
3. (law, legal)
(=action)   proceso (m)
(=summons)   citaciónoun (f)
a. to [bring] a process against somebody =   demandar a somebody, someone
b. to [serve] a process on somebody =   notificar una citaciónoun a somebody, someone
4. (anatomy, botany, zoology)   protuberancia (f)
B. -transitive verb
1. (=treat)
[+raw materials]   procesar
[+food]   (industrially)   procesar,   tratar   (with food processor)   pasar por el robot de cocina
a. to process something [into] something =   procesar algo para convertirlo en algo
2. (=deal with)
[+application, claim, order]   tramitar
[+applicants]   atender
3. (computing)   procesar
4. (photography)   revelar
C. -compound
·process server   -noun   agente masculine and feminine judicial
process / desfilar
process   2   [prəˈses]   -intransitive verb
(British, Great Britain)   formal usage
(=go in procession)   desfilar   (religion)   ir en procesiónoun
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