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pray / rezar
pray   [preɪ]
A. -intransitive verb
(=say prayers)   rezar,   orar
·let us pray
·to pray to God
·rogar a Dios
·to pray for something/somebody
·rezar or rogar por algo/somebody, someone
·to pray for somebody'noun soul
·rezar por el alma de somebody, someone
·we prayed for rain
·rezamos para que lloviera
·she'noun past praying for!
*   ¡con ella ya no hay nada que hacer!,   ¡no tiene salvaciónoun!
B. -transitive verb   rogar,   suplicar
·let me go, I pray you!
literary   ¡suélteme, se lo suplico!
·to pray somebody to do something
·rogar a somebody, someone que haga algo
·we pray that it won't happen
·rezamos para que no ocurra
·I was praying that he wouldn't notice
·le pedía a Dios que no lo notara
C. -exclamation
·pray be seated
formal usage   siéntense, por favor
·pray tell me ...
formal usage   le ruego decirme ...
·and what, pray, were you doing last night?
humorous   ¿y qué estabas haciendo anoche, si puede saberse?
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