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possibility / posibilidad
possibility   [ˌpɒsəˈbɪlɪtɪ]   -noun
1. (=chance, likelihood)   posibilidad (f)
·is there any possibility (that) they could help?
·¿hay alguna posibilidad de que nos ayuden?
·there is a strong possibility I'll be late
·es muy posible que me retrase,   hay muchas posibilidades de que me retrase
a. beyond/within the [bounds] of possibility
·it is within the bounds of possibility
·está dentro de lo posible
·it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that he'll succeed
·cabe dentro de lo posible or no es imposible que lo consiga
b. there is no possibility [of] his agreeing to it =   no existe ninguna posibilidad de que lo consienta
2. (=option)   posibilidad (f)
·the possibilities are endless
·hay infinidad de posibilidades
·she'noun a strong possibility for the nomination
·tiene muchas posibilidades de ser nominada
3. (usually plural)
·the scheme has real possibilities
·es un plan que promete,   es un plan de gran potencial
·it'noun a job with great possibilities
·es un trabajo con mucho futuro or porvenir
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