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port / puerto
port   1   [pɔ:t]
A. -noun
1. (=harbour)   puerto (m)
·to come or put into port
·tomar puerto
·to leave port
·hacerse a la mar,   zarpar
·port of call
puerto (m) de escala
·his next port of call was the chemist'noun
(figurative)   luego fue a la farmacia
·where is your next port of call?
(figurative)   ¿adónde va ahora?
·port of entry
puerto (m) de entrada
a. any port in a storm   la necesidad carece de ley
2. (=city or town with a port)   puerto (m)
B. -compound   portuario
·port authority   -noun   autoridad (f) portuaria
·port dues   -noun plural   derechos masculine plural de puerto
·port facilities   -noun plural   facilidades feminine plural portuarias
port / babor
port   2   [pɔ:t]   (nautical, aeronautics)
A. -noun   also port side   babor (m)
·the sea to port
·la mar a babor
·land to port!
·¡tierra a babor!
B. -adjective   de babor
·on the port side
·a babor
C. -transitive verb
·to port the helm
·poner el timónoun a babor,   virar a babor
port / portilla
port   3   [pɔ:t]   -noun
1. (nautical)
(=porthole)   portilla (f)
2. (computing)   puerta (f),   puerto (m),   port (m)
3. (mechanics)   lumbrera (f)
4. (military)     tronera (f)
port / oporto
port   4   [pɔ:t]   -noun
(=wine)   oporto (m)
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