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pool / charca
pool   1   [pu:l]
A. -noun
1. (natural)   charca (f)   (artificial)   estanque (m)
(=swimming pool)   piscina (f),   alberca (f) Mexico,   pileta (f) (de nataciónoun) Southern Cone   (in river)   pozo (m)
2. [of spilt liquid]   charco (m)   (figurative)
b. [of light]   foco (m)
B. -compound
·pool attendant   -noun   encargado (m) / encargada (f)
pool / fondo común
pool   2   [pu:l]
A. -noun
1. (=common fund)   fondo (m) (comúnoun)   (Cards)   polla (f)
2. (=supply, source)   reserva (f)
a. [of genes etcetera]   fondo (m),   reserva (f)
·an untapped pool of ability
·una reserva de inteligencia no utilizada
3. ·the pools
(British, Great Britain)
(=football pools)   las quinielas Spain
·to do the (football) pools
·hacer las quinielas
4. (=form of snooker)   billar (m) americano
·to shoot pool
(United States)   jugar al billar americano
a. that'noun dirty pool
(United States)   *   eso no es jugar limpio
5. (commerce)   fondos masculine plural comunes
(United States)
(=monopoly, trust)   consorcio (m)
·coal and steel pool
comunidad (f) de carbónoun y acero
B. -transitive verb   juntar,   poner en comúnoun
C. -compound
·pool hall
·pool room   -noun   sala (f) de billar
·pool table   -noun   mesa (f) de billar
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