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poner / to put
Para las expresiones poner cuidado, poner en duda, poner por las nubes, poner a parir, poner como un trapo, poner verde, poner de vuelta y media, poner por testigo, ponerse por delante, ver la otra entrada.
A. -verbo transitivo
1. (=colocar, situar)   to put
·¿dónde pongo mis cosas?
·where shall I put my things?
·pon los libros en la estantería
·put the books on the shelf
·le puso la mano en el hombro
·she put a hand on his shoulder
·me han puesto en la habitaciónoun de arriba
·they've put me in the upstairs bedroom
·han puesto un anuncio en el periódico
·they've put an advertisement in the paper
·voy a poner las patatas
·I'masculine going to put the potatoes on
·ponle un poco de mantequilla y veránoun qué bueno
·put some butter in it and you'll see how good it is
a. poner algo [aparte] =   to put something aside,   put something to one side
b. ponlo en su [sitio] =   put it back
2. [+ropa, calzado]   to put on
·le pusieron un vestido nuevo
·they dressed her in a new dress
·ponle los zapatos
·can you put his shoes on?
3. (=añadir)   to add
·ponle masculineánoun sal
·add some salt,   put some more salt in it
·pongo 20 masculineánoun para llegar a 100
·I'll add 20 more to make it 100
4. (=aplicar, administrar)   to put
·le pusieron una tirita en la herida
·they put a plaster on her wound
·ponle talco al cambiarle el pañal
·put some talcum powder on him when you change his nappy
·le han puesto muchas inyecciones
·she'noun been given a lot of injections
5. (=disponer, preparar)
·pon cubiertos para 12 personas
·set the table for 12 people
a. poner la [mesa] =   to lay o set the table
6. (=instalar)
6.1. [+teléfono, calefacciónoun]   to put in
·queremos poner moqueta
·we want to have a carpet fitted
6.2. [+tienda]   to open
[+casa]   to furnish
·han puesto una tienda de muebles
·they've opened a furniture shop
·han puesto la casa con todo lujo
·they have furnished the house luxuriously
7. (=exponer)
·ponlo al sol
·leave o put it out in the sun
·poner algo a secar
·to put something out to dry
8. (=hacer funcionar)
[+radio, televisiónoun, calefacciónoun]   to put on,   turn on
[+disco]   to put on,   play
·pon el radiador
·put the radiator on
·¿pongo masculineúsica?
·shall I put some music on?
9. (=ajustar)
[+despertador]   to set
·puse el despertador para las siete
·I set the alarm for seven o'clock
·pon el horno al masculineáximo
·put the oven on maximum
a. poner el reloj [en hora] =   to put one'noun watch right
b. ponlo [masculineánoun alto] =   turn it up
10. (=adoptar)
·¿por qué pones esa voz tan tonta?
·why are you speaking in that silly voice?
·puso acento francénoun al decirlo
·she put on a French accent when she said it
a. ¡no pongas esa [cara]! =   don't look at me like that!
·puso muy mala cara cuando se lo dije
·he looked very annoyed when I told him
·puso cara de asombro
·he looked surprised
11. (=volver)   + ADJ, ADV   to make
·me pone furiosa
·he makes me mad
·para no ponerle de mal humor
·so as not to make him cross,   so as not to put him in a bad mood
·la has puesto colorada
·you've made her blush
·la medicina lo puso bueno
·the medicine made him better
·¡cómo te han puesto!
(=te han manchado)   look what a mess you are!
(=te han pegado)   they've given you a right thumping!
12. (=servir)
·¿qué te pongo?
·what can I get you?,   what would you like?
·¿me pones masculineánoun patatas?
·could I have some more potatoes?
13. (=conectar por teléfono)   to put through
·póngame con el conserje
·put me through to the porter
·¿me pone con el Sr. García, por favor?
·could you put me through to Mr García, please?
·le pongo en seguida
·I'll put you through
14. (=exhibir)
·¿qué ponen en el cine?
·what'noun on at the cinema?
·¿ponen alguna película esta noche?
·is there a film on tonight?
15. (=enviar)   to send
·le puso un telegrama
·he sent her a telegram
16. (=escribir)   to put
·¿qué pongo en la carta?
·what shall I put in the letter?
·¿te has acordado de poner el remite?
·did you remember to put the return address on it?
17. (=decir, estar escrito)   to say
·¿qué pone aquí?
·what does it say here?
18. (=imponer)
[+examen, trabajo]   to give,   set
·nos pone mucho trabajo
·he gives o sets us a lot of work
·el ayuntamiento pone muchos impuestos
·council taxes are very high
a. me han puesto una [multa] =   I've been fined,   I've been given a fine
19. (=oponer)
[+inconvenientes]   to raise
·nos han puesto muchos problemas
·they've put a lot of obstacles in our way
a. le pone [peros] a todo =   he'noun always finding fault with everything
20. (=aportar, contribuir)
·he puesto 50 euros de mi bolsillo
·I put in 50 euros out of my own pocket
·todos pusimos 1.000 pesetas para el regalo
·we all put in 1,000 pesetas towards the present
·yo pongo el dinero pero ella escoge
·I do the paying, but she does the choosing
·yo pongo la bebida y vosotros el postre
·I'll get the drink and you can get the dessert
21. (=invertir)   to put in
·hemos puesto masculineánoun de cinco millones
·we have put in over five million
·puso todos sus ahorros en aquel negocio
·he put all his savings into that business
22. (=apostar)
·pon tres fichas al rojo
·put three chips on red
·pongo 1.000 pesetas a que mañana llueve
·I bet 1,000 pesetas that it will rain tomorrow
23. (=llamar)   to call
·¿qué nombre o cómo le van a poner?
·what are they going to call him?,   what name are they giving him?
·al niño le pusieron Luis
·they called the child Luis
24. (=criticar, alabar)
a. te puso muy [bien] ante el jefe =   she was very nice about you to the boss
·me han puesto muy bien esa película
·I've heard that film is very good
b. ¡[cómo] te han puesto!
(=te han criticado)   they had a real go at you!
(=te han alabado)   they were really nice about you!
c. tu cuñada te ha puesto muy [mal] =   your sister-in-law was very nasty about you
25. (=tildar)
a. poner a somebody, someone [de]
·la han puesto de idiota para arriba
·they called her an idiot and worse
26. (=suponer)
·pongamos 120
·let'noun say 120
a. pongamos [que] ganas la lotería =   suppose o supposing you win the lottery
·poniendo que ...
·supposing that ...
27. poner a somebody, someone [a]   + INFIN
·nada masculineánoun llegar nos pusieron a barrer
·no sooner had we arrived than we were set to sweeping the floor
·puso a sus hijos a trabajar
·she sent her children out to work
28. poner a Juan [bien] con Pedro =   to make things up between Juan and Pedro
b. poner a Juan [ma]l con Pedro =   to make Juan fall out with Pedro,   cause a rift between Juan and Pedro
29. (en trabajo)
a. poner a somebody, someone [de]
·puso a su hija de sirvienta
·she got her daughter a job as a servant
·lo han puesto de dependiente en una tienda
·they got him a job as a shop assistant
30. ¡no pongo ni una!
(Caribe)   *   I just can't get anything right!
31. [gallina]
[+huevos]   to lay
B. -verbo intransitivo
1. [aves]   to lay (eggs)
2. (=apostar)
·no pongo a la lotería
·I don't play the lottery
-verbo pronominal
1. (=colocarse, situarse)   (de pie)   to stand   (sentado)   to sit   (echado)   to lie
·se puso delante de la ventana
·he stood in front of the window
·se ponía a mi lado en clase
·he used to sit next to me in class
·póngase de lado
·lie on your side
·ponerse cómodo
·to make o.noun. comfortable
a. ponte en mi [lugar] =   put yourself in my place
b. todos se pusieron de o en [pie] =   everyone stood up
c. se puso de [rodillas] =   she knelt down
2. [+ropa, calzado, joyas]   to put on
·ponerse un traje
·to put a suit on
·ponte las zapatillas
·put your slippers on
·no nouné qué ponerme
·I don't know what to wear
3. (=aplicarse, administrarse)
·ponte masculineánoun perfume
·put some more perfume on
·te pones demasiado maquillaje
·you wear too much make-up
·se puso un supositorio
·he used a suppository
4. [sol]   to set
5. (=volverse)   + ADJ, ADV
·ponerse enfermo/gordo
·to get ill/fat
·se puso hecho una furia
·he got absolutely furious
·cuando se lo dije se puso muy triste
·he was very sad when I told him
·¡no te pongas así!
·don't be like that!
·¡qué guapa te has puesto!
·you look lovely!
·en el agua se pone verde
·it turns green in water
6. (al teléfono)
·dile que se ponga
·tell him to come to o on the phone
·no se quiere poner
·she doesn't want to come on (the phone)
·¿se puede poner María, por favor?
·could I speak to María, please?
7. (=empezar)
a. ponerse [a] hacer algo =   to start o begin to do something,   start o begin doing something
·se pusieron a gritar
·they started o began shouting,   they started o began to shout
·se va a poner a llover
·it'noun going to start raining
·si me pongo a pensar en lo que me espera ...
·if I start thinking o to think about what awaits me ...
b. ponerse [con] algo
·ahora me pongo con los deberes
·I'masculine going to start on my homework now
8. (=llenarse)
a. ponerse [de] algo
·¡cómo te has puesto de barro!
·you're all covered in mud!
·se puso perdida de alquitránoun
·she got covered in tar
·nos hemos puesto bien de comida
·we ate our fill
9. (=llegar)
a. ponerse [en] =   to get to,   reach
·se puso en Madrid en dos horas
·he got to o reached Madrid in two hours
10. (=emplearse)
·me puse a servir
·I went into service
·ponerse de conserje
·to take a job as a porter
11. ponerse a [bien] con somebody, someone =   to get on good terms with somebody   pejorative   to get in with somebody
b. ponerse a [mal] con somebody, someone =   to get on the wrong side of somebody
12. **
(=drogarse)   to get high **
13. (=parecerle)
·se me pone que ...
(Latin America)
(=me parece)   it seems to me that ...
14. ponérselos a somebody, someone   **   to cheat on somebody
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