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pole / palo
pole   1   [pəʊl]
A. -noun
1. (=rod)   palo (m)
(=flag pole)   asta (f)
(=telegraph pole)   poste (m)
(=tentpole)   masculineástil (m)
(=curtain pole)   barra (f)   (for gymnastics)   percha (f)   (for vaulting, punting)   pértiga (f),   garrocha (f) Latin America   (for fencing)   estaca (f)
a. [of cart]   vara (f),   lanza (f)
b. to be up the pole > >     *   estar chiflado *
2. (=archaic measure)   medida de longitud, equivalente a 5,029 masculine
B. -transitive verb
[+punt etcetera]   impeler con pértiga
C. -compound
·pole bean   -noun
(United States)   judía (f) trepadora
·pole position   -noun   (Motor racing)   posiciónoun (f) de cabeza en la parrilla de salida,   pole (f)   (figurative)   posiciónoun (f) de ventaja
·pole vault   -noun   salto (m) de pértiga
·pole vaulter   -noun   saltador (m) / saltadoa (f),   pertiguista masculine and feminine
·pole vaulting   -noun   salto (m) de pértiga
pole / polo
pole   2   [pəʊl]
A. -noun   (electricity, geography, astronomy)   polo (m)
·North/South Pole
Polo (m) Norte/Sur
·from pole to pole
·de polo a polo
a. to be poles apart   ser polos opuestos
B. -compound
·Pole Star   -noun   Estrella (f) Polar
Pole / polaco
Pole   [pəʊl]   -noun   polaco (m) / polaca (f)
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