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poise / equilibrio
poise   [pɔɪz]
A. -noun
1. (=balance)   equilibrio (m)
2. (=carriage of head, body)   porte (m)
·she dances with such poise
·baila con tal elegancia or tal garbo
3. (=composure or dignity of manner)   elegancia (f),   aplomo (m)
·she does it with great poise
·lo hace con el mayor aplomo
·he lacks poise
·le falta confianza en nouní mismo or aplomo
B. -transitive verb
1. (=hold ready or balanced)   equilibrar,   balancear
·the rock was poised on the edge of the cliff
·la roca se balanceaba al borde del precipicio
·the hawk was poised in the air, about to swoop on its prey
·el águila se cernía inmóvil en el aire, a punto de caer sobre su presa
·a waitress approached, pencil poised
·se acercó una camarera, lápicero en ristre
·he remained poised between life and death
·permanecía debatiéndose entre la vida y la muerte
2. ·to be poised
(=ready, all set)   estar listo
·they are poised to attack or for the attack
·estánoun listos para atacar
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