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plaster / yeso
plaster   [ˈplɑ:stər]
A. -noun
1. (construction)   yeso (m)
(=layer on wall)   enlucido (m)
2. (medicine)   (for broken limb)   escayola (f),   yeso (m) Latin America
·with his leg in plaster
con la pierna escayolada or Latin America enyesada
3. (British, Great Britain)
(=sticking plaster)   esparadrapo (m),   tirita (f),   curita (f) Latin America
4. ·plaster of Paris
yeso (m) mate
B. -transitive verb
1. (construction)   enyesar
[+wall]   enyesar,   enlucir
·to plaster over a hole
·llenar or tapar un hoyo con yeso
2. (=cover)   cubrir,   llenar
·to plaster a wall with posters
·cubrir or llenar una pared de carteles
·the children came back plastered with mud
·los niños volvieron cubiertos de lodo
3. (=stick)   pegar
·to plaster posters on a wall
·pegar carteles en una pared
·the story was plastered all over the front page
·el reportaje llenaba toda la primera plana
4. *   dar una paliza a *
C. -compound   [model, statue]   de yeso
·plaster cast   -noun   (medicine)   escayola (f),   enyesado (m) Latin America
(=model, statue)   vaciado (m) de yeso
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