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pin down / sujetar
pin down   pin   -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=fasten or hold down)   sujetar
·he pinned me down by my wrists
·me sujetó por las muñecas
·I was pinned down by a fallen tree
·quedé atrapado bajo un árbol caído
2. (figurative)
2.1. (=oblige to be specific)
·to pin somebody [down]
·hacer que somebody, someone concrete
·she is really hard to pin down
·es difícil hacerla concretar
·the minister refused to be pinned down on the timing of the reforms
·el ministro no quiso comprometerse a dar fechas específicas para las reformas
·you can't pin him down to a date
·es imposible lograr que nos una fecha concreta
2.2. (=identify)
[+problem]   identificar
[+concept]   precisar,   definir
[+reason]   dar con
[+date]   precisar
·the idea is rather hard to pin down
·es un concepto difícil de precisar or definir
·there'noun something wrong but I can't pin it down
·algo va mal pero no nouné exactamente qué
3. (military)
[+troops]   atrapar
·our men were pinned down by artillery fire
·nuestros hombres se vieron atrapados por fuego de artillería
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