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pin / alfiler
pin   [pɪn]
A. -noun
1. (sewing)   alfiler (m)   also safety pin   imperdible (m),   seguro (m) Central America, Mexico   also hairpin   horquilla (f)   also hatpin   alfiler (m) (de sombrero)
(=brooch)   alfiler (m)   also drawing pin   chincheta (f),   chinche masculine or feminine Latin America   also clothes pin
(United States)   pinza (f) (de la ropa)
·pins and needles
hormigueo masculine singular
a. to be on pins and needles
(United States)   estar hecho un manojo de nervios,   estar en or sobre ascuas
b. you could have heard a pin drop   se oía el vuelo de una mosca
c. like a new pin
d. as neat as a (new) pin
(=clean)   como una patena,   limpio como un espejo
(=tidy)   pulcro y muy ordenado
e. for two pins I'd knock his head off   *   por menos de nada le rompería la crisma
f. it doesn't matter two pins to me
g. I don't care two pins   me importa un rábano or comino *
2. (technical)
a. [of metal]   clavija (f)
b. [of wood]   espiga (f),   clavija (f)
(=bolt)   perno (m)
(=cotter)   chaveta (f)
3. (electricity)
a. [of plug]   polo (m)
·[three]-pin plug   clavija (f) de tres polos,   clavija (f) tripolar
4. (medicine)   (in limb)   clavo (m)
5. (on grenade)   anilla (f)
6. (Bowls)   bolo (m)   (Golf)   banderínoun (m)
7. pins   humorous   *
(=legs)   patas (m) / patas feminine plural (f),   bielas ** feminine plural
B. -transitive verb
1. [+fabric, seam, hem]   prender or sujetar con alfileres
·there was a note pinned on or to the door
·había una nota clavada en la puerta
·to pin a medal to somebody'noun uniform
·prender una medalla al uniforme de somebody, someone
·she had pinned her hair into a bun
·se había hecho un moño con horquillas
2. (technical)
(with bolt)   sujetar (con perno)
3. (figurative)
·to pin one'noun hopes on something/somebody
·cifrar or depositar sus esperanzas en algo/somebody, someone
·the Democrats are pinning their hopes on the next election
·los demonstrativeócratas tienen cifradas sus esperanzas en las próximas elecciones
·you can't pin the blame on me
·no podéis cargarme con la culpa
·they're trying to pin the murder on us
·tratan de culparnos del asesinato
·there was nothing they could pin on him
·no podían acusarlo or culparlo de nada
4. (=immobilize)
·two men pinned him to the floor
·dos hombres lo sujetaron en el suelo
·his arms were pinned to his sides
·llevaba los brazos sujetos a los costados
·they pinned me against the wall
·me sujetaron contra la pared
C. -compound
·pin money   -noun   dinero (m) para gastos menores
·pin table   -noun   millónoun (m),   flíper (m)
PIN   [pɪn]   -noun abbreviation   personal identification number
·PIN number
NPI (m)
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