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pick up / levantar
pick up   pick
A. -transitive verb + adverb
1. (=lift)
[+box, suitcase, cat]   levantar
[+dropped object]   recoger,   coger
(=take hold of)   tomar,   coger,   agarrar Latin America
·I saw her fall and ran to pick her up
·la intransitive verb caerse y corrí a levantarla
·that child is always wanting to be picked up
ese niño siempre quiere que lo cojan or Latin America levanten
·she bent to pick up her glove
·se agachó para recoger or coger su guante
·she picked up a pencil and fiddled with it
tomó or cogió or Latin America agarró un lápiz y se puso a enredar con él
·you can't pick up a newspaper these days without reading about her
últimamente no puedes coger or Latin America agarrar un periódico que no hable de ella
a. to pick up the [bill] or [tab] (for something)   *   pagar la cuenta (de algo)
b. to pick [o.noun.] up   (literally)   levantarse,   ponerse de pie   (figurative)   recuperarse,   reponerse
2. (=collect)
[+person]   recoger,   ir a buscar especially Latin America
(=give lift to)
[+hitch-hiker, passenger]   recoger,   coger
·did you pick up my laundry?
·¿recogiste mi colada?
3. (=learn)
[+language, skill]   aprender
[+accent, habit]   coger,   agarrar Latin America,   adquirir formal usage
·you'll soon pick it up again
·pronto lo volveránoun a aprender
·I picked up a bit of news about him today
·hoy me enteré de algunas cosas sobre él
4. (=buy)   comprar
[+bargain]   encontrar
[+disease]   coger,   agarrar Latin America,   pillar *
·an old car he picked up for £250
·un coche viejo que compró por 250 libras
·I'll pick up some beer on the way back
·compraré unas cervezas a la vuelta
·I may pick up some useful ideas for my book
·puede que encuentre algunas ideas útiles para mi libro
5. *
(=earn, gain)   ganar,   sacarse
·she picks up £400 a week
·gana or se saca 400 libras a la semana
a. it picked up the best musical [award] =   ganó or se llevó el premio al mejor musical
b. to pick up [speed] =   acelerar,   coger velocidad,   tomar velocidad Latin America
6. *   (sexually)   ligarse a *
·are you trying to pick me up?
·¿estánoun intentando ligar conmigo?
7. (radio, television)
[+station, channel]   captar,   coger   (technical)
[+signal]   captar,   registrar
·we can pick up Italian television
·podemos captar or coger la televisiónoun italiana
8. (=notice, detect)
·he picked up ten misprints
·encontró diez erratas
a. she picked up every [mistake] =   no se le escapó ni un error
b. I had no difficulty picking up the [signals] he was sending me   (figurative)   no tuve problemas para captar las indirectas que me estaba mandando
9. (=resume)
[+conversation, narrative]   continuar
[+relationship]   reanudar
10. (=focus on)
·I'd like to pick up the point David made
·quisiera volver al punto que planteó David
·the papers picked up the story
·los periódicos publicaron la historia
11. (=reprimand)   reñir,   reprender
·she picked him up for using bad language
·le riñó or le reprendió por decir palabrotas
12. (=correct)
a. he picked me up [on] my grammar =   me señaló diversas faltas de gramática
·if I may pick you up on that point
·si me permites corregirte en ese punto
13. (=rescue)   recoger,   rescatar
14. (=arrest)   detener
15. (=revive)
[+person]   reanimar
·this tonic will soon pick you up
·este tónico te reanimará pronto
16. (United States)   *
[+room, house]   recoger
B. -intransitive verb + adverb
1. (=improve)
[conditions, weather, sales]   mejorar
[market, economy]   reponerse
[business, trade]   ir mejor
[prices]   volver a subir
·the game picked up in the second half
·el partido mejoró en el segundo tiempo
2. (=increase)
[wind]   levantarse
3. (=continue)
·to pick up where one [left off]
[+activity, conversation, relationship]   continuar donde se había dejado
4. (=notice, react to)
a. I was getting nervous and he picked up [on] that =   me estaba poniendo nervioso y él lo captó or se dio cuenta
·the press did not pick up on it
·la prensa no reaccionó ante la noticia
5. *
(=become involved with)
a. to pick up [with] somebody =   juntarse con somebody, someone
·she'noun picked up with a bad crowd
·se ha juntado con una gente no muy recomendable
6. (=tidy up)
a. to pick up [after] somebody =   ir recogiendo detránoun de somebody, someone
·he expects me to pick up after him
·espera que vaya recogiendo detránoun suyo
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