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pícaro / sly
pícaro ,   a
A. -adjective
1. (=taimado)   sly,   crafty
(=travieso)   [niño]   naughty,   mischievous
2. (=deshonesto)   crooked
(=pillo)   roguish,   knavish
3. humorous   naughty,   wicked
·¡este pícaro siglo!
·what naughty times we live in!
·tiene inclinaciónoun a los pícaros celos
·she is prone to wicked jealousy
4. (=precoz)   [niño]   precocious,   knowing especially sexually aware before the proper age
B. -noun masculine/feminine
1. (=granuja)   rogue,   scoundrel
(=ladino)   sly sort
(=niño)   rascal,   scamp
·you rascal!
2. (literature)   rogue
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