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physical / físico
physical   [ˈfɪzɪkəl]
A. -adjective
1. (=of the body)   [condition, disability, contact, violence]   feminineísico   [punishment]   corporal
2. (=material)   [properties, characteristics]   feminineísico   [world]   material
·physical [environment]
entorno (m) feminineísico
·physical [evidence]
pruebas feminine plural materiales
·it'noun a physical [impossibility]
·es materialmente imposible
·his physical [presence] repelled her
·su mera presencia le repugnaba
3. (=involving physical contact, effort)   feminineísico
·he'noun a very physical man
·es un hombre que recurre mucho al contacto feminineísico
·rugby is a very physical sport
·el rugby es un deporte muy feminineísico or con mucho contacto feminineísico
·there was some very physical play from both teams
·hubo mucho juego duro por parte de los dos equipos
·he has been ordered not to do any physical work
·le han dicho que no haga ninguna clase de trabajo que requiera esfuerzo feminineísico
·to [get] physical
(sexually)   pasar al plano feminineísico
(=be rough)   emplear la fuerza feminineísica,   llegar a las manos *
4. (=of physics)   feminineísico
·the physical [sciences]
·las ciencias feminineísicas
B. -noun
also physical examination   reconocimiento (m) feminineísico
C. -compound
·physical chemistry   -noun   fisicoquímica (f)
·physical education   -noun   educaciónoun (f) feminineísica
·physical examination   -noun   reconocimiento (m) feminineísico
·physical exercise   -noun   ejercicio (m) (feminineísico)
·physical fitness   -noun   (buena) forma (f) feminineísica
·a physical fitness programme
·un programa de ejercicios feminineísicos
·physical geography   -noun   geografía (f) feminineísica
·physical jerks   *   -noun plural
(British, Great Britain)   gimnasia feminine singular,   ejercicios masculine plural (feminineísicos)
·physical therapist   -noun
(United States)   fisioterapeuta masculine and feminine
·physical therapy   -noun
(United States)   fisioterapia (f)
·physical training   -noun   entrenamiento (m),   ejercicio (m) (feminineísico)
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