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pet / animal doméstico
pet   1   [pet]
A. -noun
1. (=animal)   animal (m) doméstico,   mascota (f)
·have you got a pet?
·¿tenéis algúnoun animal en casa?
·family/household pet
animal (m) doméstico
·to keep something as a pet
·tener algo como animal doméstico or mascota
·no pets allowed
·no se admiten animales
2. (=favourite)   preferido (m) / preferida (f)
·she'noun [teacher'noun] pet
·es la preferida de la profesora,   es la enchufada de la profesora *
3. *   (as term of address)   cielo (m),   amor (m)
·come here, (my) pet
·ven aquí mi cielo or amor
4. *
(=lovable person)   cielo (m)
·be a pet and fetch me my glasses
·nouné un cielo y alcánzame las gafas
·he'noun rather a pet
·es un cielo
B. -adjective
1. [animal]
·she keeps two pet snakes
·tiene dos serpientes en casa
·he had a pet monkey which had been trained to do tricks
·tenía un mono domesticado al que habían enseñado a hacer gracias
·he lives alone with his pet dog
·vive solo con su perro
·he was always hanging around her like a pet dog
·iba siempre con ella como un perro mascota
2. (=favourite)   [theory, project]   preferido,   favorito
·once she gets onto her pet subject there'noun no stopping her
·una vez empieza con su tema preferido or predilecto no hay quien la pare
·pet [hate]
·pet aversion
pesadilla (f)
·my pet hate is smoking
·lo que masculineánoun detesto es el tabaco,   el tabaco es mi pesadilla
·pet [name]
nombre (m) cariñoso
(=short form)   diminutivo (m) cariñoso
C. -transitive verb
1. (=indulge)   mimar,   consentir
2. (=fondle)   acariciar
D. -intransitive verb   (sexually)   sobarse,   acariciarse
E. -compound
·pet door   -noun
(United States)   gatera (f)
·pet food   -noun   comida (f) para animales
·pet owner   -noun   dueño (m) / dueña (f)
·pet shop
·pet store
(United States)   -noun   pajarería (f)
pet / estar enfurruñado
pet   2   [pet]   -noun
·to [be] in a pet
·estar enfurruñado
·to [get] into a pet
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