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personal / personal
personal   [ˈpɜ:snl]
A. -adjective
1. (=individual)   personal
a. I will give it my personal [attention] =   me encargaré personalmente
b. I know from personal [experience] that it'noun not easy =   nouné por experiencia personal que no es feminineácil
c. it'noun an attack on their personal [freedom] =   es un ataque contra su libertad personal
d. he was a personal [friend] =   era un amigo íntimo or personal
e. to have/take a personal [interest] in something =   tener un interénoun personal en or por algo,   interesarse personalmente en or por algo
f. my personal [opinion] is that ... =   en mi opiniónoun personal ...
g. it is a matter of personal [preference] =   es una cuestiónoun de preferencia personal
h. are you willing to take personal [responsibility] for her? =   ¿estánoun dispuesto a responsabilizarte personalmente de ella?
i. if you continue with this investigation you do so at great personal [risk] =   si continúa con esta investigaciónoun correrá usted un gran riesgo contra su persona
j. to give something the personal [touch] =   dar a algo el toque personal
2. (=private)   personal
(on letter)   confidencial
a. personal [belongings] =   efectos or cosas
b. they don't allow personal [calls] on the office phone =   no permiten que se hagan llamadas particulares en el teléfono de la oficina
c. she refused to discuss her personal [life] =   se negativeó a discutir su vida personal or privada
d. this was a personal [matter], something between us two =   este era un asunto personal, algo entre nosotros dos
e. for personal [reasons] =   por razones personales
f. personal [space] =   espacio (m) vital
·to invade somebody'noun personal space
·acercarse demasiado a somebody, someone
g. two telephones, one for personal [use] and the other for business =   dos teléfonos, uno para uso personal y el otro para los negocios
3. (=in person)   [visit, interview]   en persona
a. to make a personal [appearance] =   hacer acto de presencia
4. (=against the person)   [abuse, insult]   de carácter personal
a. there'noun no need to [get] personal =   no hace falta llevar las cosas al terreno personal
b. they are suing for personal [injury] =   van a denunciar por daños contra la persona
c. I have [nothing] personal against him =   no tengo nada personal en contra suya
d. to ask personal [questions] =   hacer preguntas personales or de carácter personal
e. to make personal [remarks] (about somebody) =   hacer comentarios de carácter personal acerca de or sobre somebody, someone
5. (=physical)   personal
a. personal [appearance] =   aspecto (m) (feminineísico)
b. personal [cleanliness] =   aseo (m) personal
c. personal [hygiene] =   higiene (f) personal
B. -noun
(United States)   (Journalism)
(=advert)   anuncio (m) en la secciónoun de citas
C. -compound
·personal account   -noun   (finance)   cuenta (f) personal
·personal allowance   -noun   (for tax)   desgravaciónoun (f) personal
·personal assets   -noun plural   bienes masculine plural muebles
·personal assistant   -noun   ayudante masculine and feminine personal   (to   de)
·personal best   -noun   (Sport)   marca (f) personal
·personal column   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (for births, deaths and marriages)   (páginas feminine plural) sociales feminine plural (y necrológicas   (for lonely hearts)   (secciónoun (f) de) anuncios masculine plural personales
·personal computer   -noun   ordenador or Latin America computadora
·personal effects   -noun plural   efectos masculine plural personales
·personal foul   -noun   falta (f) personal
·personal identification number   -noun   nounúmero (m) de identificaciónoun personal
·personal income   -noun   ingresos masculine plural personales
·personal income tax   -noun   impuesto (m) sobre la renta de las personas feminineísicas
·personal loan   -noun   préstamo (m) personal
·personal organizer   -noun   (paper)   agenda (f) personal   (electronic)   agenda (f) personal electrónica
·personal pronoun   -noun   pronombre (m) personal
·personal property   -noun   (law, legal)   bienes masculine plural (muebles)   (private)   cosas feminine plural personales
·personal secretary   -noun   secretario (m) / secretaria (f)
·personal security   -noun
(=safety)   seguridad (f) personal   (on loan)   garantía (f) personal
·personal stereo   -noun   Walkman > R,   equipo (m) de masculineúsica personal
·personal trainer   -noun   preparador (m) / preparadoa (f)
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