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person / persona
person   [ˈpɜ:sn]   -noun
1. people or (formal usage) persons   plural
(=individual)   persona (f)
·who would be the best person to ask?
·¿quiénoun es la persona masculineánoun indicada para preguntarle?
·she is a very caring person
·es (una persona) muy comprensiva
·Jane was the last person to see him
·Jane fue la última (persona) que lo vio
·I don't know of any such person
·no conozco a tal persona
·there is no such person as Father Christmas
·no hay tal Papá Noel
·who is this Ford person she keeps talking about?
·¿quiénoun es este tal Ford del que habla constantemente?
·the right of accused persons to remain silent
formal usage   el derecho de los acusados a no declarar
·two-person households
viviendas feminine plural de dos personas
a. I like him [as] a person, but not as a politician =   me gusta como persona, pero no como político
b. a [certain] person, who shall be nameless ...   humorous   cierta persona, a quien no voy a nombrar ... humorous
c. to call somebody person [to] person   (telecommunications)   llamar a somebody, someone de persona a persona
d. murder by person or persons [unknown]   (law, legal)   homicidio (m) a manos de persona or personas sin identificar
2. persons   plural
(=body, physical presence)   persona (f)
·crimes or offences against the person
(law, legal)   crímenes or ofensas
·to have a weapon concealed on or about one'noun person
formal usage   llevar encima una arma oculta
a. [in] person =   en persona
·give it to him in person
·dáselo a él en persona
b. he found one new problem in the person [of] Max Steel =   encontró un nuevo problema en la persona de Max Steel
3. people   plural   *
·I'masculine not much of a city person myself
no soy de los que les gusta la ciudad *
·Steve is a cat person
·Steve es un amante de los gatos
4. persons   plural   (grammar)   persona (f)
a. the [first] person singular =   la primera persona del singular
b. [in] the first/third person =   en primera/tercera persona
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