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pay / sueldo
pay   [peɪ]
paid   verb: past tense   past participle
A. -noun
a. [of professional person]   sueldo (m)
b. [of worker]   salario (m),   sueldo (m)
c. [of day labourer]   jornal (m)
(=payment)   paga (f)
·the pay'noun not very good
·no pagan muy bien
·to draw or get one'noun pay
·to be in somebody'noun pay
·estar al servicio de somebody, someone
·agents in the enemy'noun pay
agentes masculine plural al servicio del enemigo
B. -transitive verb
1. [+bill, duty, fee]   pagar
[+account]   liquidar
[+debt]   saldar,   liquidar
[+employee, worker]   pagar a
·to pay somebody £10
·pagar 10 libras a somebody, someone
·how much is there to pay?
·¿cuánto hay que pagar?
·to pay somebody to do a job
·pagar a somebody, someone para que haga un trabajo
(on receipted bill)   pagado
a. to pay something on [account] =   pagar algo a cuenta
b. a [badly] paid worker =   un obrero mal pagado
c. to pay [cash] (down) =   pagar al contado
d. I paid £5 [for] that record =   pagué 5 libras por ese disco
·how much did you pay for it?
·¿cuánto pagaste por él?,   ¿cuánto te costó?
·that'noun what you're paid for
·para eso te pagan
·it'noun a service that has to be paid for
·es un servicio que hay que pagar
e. to be or [get] paid on Fridays =   cobrar los viernes
·when do you get paid?
·¿cuándo cobras?
f. does your current account pay [interest]? =   ¿le rinde intereses su cuenta corriente?
g. to pay money [into] an account =   ingresar dinero en una cuenta
h. to pay one'noun [way] =   pagarse los gastos
2. (=be profitable to)
·it wouldn't pay him to do it
(literally)   no le compensaría hacerlo   (figurative)   no le valdría la pena hacerlo
·but it paid him in the long run
·pero a la larga le fue provechoso
3. [+attention]   prestar   (to   a)
[+homage]   rendir   (to   a)
[+respects]   ofrecer,   presentar
·to pay somebody a visit or call
·to pay a visit to or a call on somebody
·ir a ver a somebody, someone
C. -intransitive verb
1. pagar
·don't worry, I'll pay
·no te preocupes, lo pago yo
a. to pay in [advance] =   pagar por adelantado
b. can I pay [by] cheque? =   ¿puedo pagar con cheque?
c. to pay [for] something =   pagar algo
·they paid for her to go
·pagaron para que fuera
d. to pay in [full] =   pagarlo todo,   pagar la cantidad íntegra
e. to pay in [instalments] =   pagar a plazos
2. [job]
·his job pays well
·tiene un buen sueldo,   el trabajo le paga bien
3. (=be profitable)
[business]   rendir,   ser rentable
·the business doesn't pay
·el negocio no es rentable
·it pays to advertise
·compensa hacer publicidad
·it pays to be courteous/tell the truth
·vale la pena ser corténoun/decir la verdad
4. (figurative)
(=suffer)   pagar
·she paid for it with her life
·le costó la vida
·they made him pay dearly for it
·le hicieron pagarlo muy caro
·you'll pay for this!
·¡me las pagaránoun!
D. -compound
·pay as you earn
(British, Great Britain)
(United States)   -noun   retenciónoun (f) fiscal (hecha por la empresa)
·pay award   -noun   adjudicaciónoun (f) de aumento de salarios
·pay bargaining   -noun   negociaciónoun (f) salarial
·pay bed   -noun   cama (f) de pago
·pay cheque   -noun   cheque (m) de la paga
(=salary)   sueldo (m)
·pay desk   -noun   caja (f)
·pay dirt   -noun
(United States)   grava (f) provechosa
a. to hit or strike pay dirt   dar con un filónoun de oro
·pay envelope   -noun
(United States)   sobre (m) de la paga
·pay increase   -noun   incremento (m) salarial
·pay negotiations   -noun plural   negociaciones feminine plural salariales
·pay office   -noun   caja (f),   pagaduría (f)
·pay packet   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   sobre (m) de la paga
·pay pause     -noun   congelaciónoun (f) de sueldos y salarios
·pay phone   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   teléfono (m) público
·pay policy   -noun   política (f) salarial
·pay rise   -noun   incremento (m) salarial
·pay round   -noun   serie (f) de negociaciones salariales
·pay scale   -noun   escala (f) salarial
·pay slip   -noun   nounómina (f),   hoja (f) salarial or de sueldo
·pay station   -noun
(United States)   teléfono (m) público
·pay structure   -noun   estructura (f) salarial
·pay talks   -noun plural   pay negotiations
·pay television   -noun   televisiónoun (f) de pago
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