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pause / pausa >
pause   [pɔ:z]
A. -noun
1. (=interruption)   pausa (f) also music
(=silence)   silencio (m)
(=rest)   descanso (m)
·after a moment'noun pause he went on speaking
·tras una breve pausa continuó hablando
·there was a pause while the rest came in
·se hizo una pausa mientras entraban los demonstrativeánoun
·there was a pause [for] refreshments
·hubo un descanso para tomar refrigerios
·there was an awkward pause in the conversation
·se produjo un silencio incómodo en medio de la conversaciónoun
·to [give] somebody pause
·[give] pause to somebody
·hacer vacilar a somebody, someone
·to [give] somebody pause for thought
·dar que pensar a somebody, someone
·[without] (a) pause
·sin interrupciónoun
2. (on cassette-player)   botónoun (m) de pausa
B. -intransitive verb   (in activity)   hacer un descanso   (when speaking)   callarse (momentáneamente),   detenerse   (when moving)   detenerse
·we paused for a break half-way through the afternoon
·paramos a descansar a media tarde
·[let'noun] pause here
·hagamos un descanso aquí
·it [made] him pause
·le hizo vacilar
·to pause for [breath]
·detenerse para tomar aliento
C. -compound
·pause button   -noun   botónoun (m) de pausa
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