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paseo / walk
paseo   -noun masculine
1. (generally)   walk,   stroll
(=excursiónoun)   outing
·[dar] un paseo
(andando)   to go for a walk o stroll,   take a walk o stroll   (en coche)   to go for a ride
·[estar] de paseo
·to be out for a walk
·[llevar o sacar] a un niño de paseo
·to take a child out for a walk
a. dar el paseo a somebody, someone   *   to take somebody for a ride *
b. enviar o [mandar] a paseo   *
[+estudios, trabajo]   to jack in *
c. enviar o [mandar] a somebody, someone a paseo   *   to tell somebody to go to blazes *,   send somebody packing,   chuck somebody out
d. no va a ser un paseo
(Spain)   it'noun not going to be easy
e. ¡vete a paseo!   **   get lost! **
·paseo a caballo   ride (on horseback)
·paseo de vigilancia   round,   tour of inspection
·paseo en barco   boat trip
·paseo en bicicleta   (bike) ride
·paseo en coche   drive,   ride
·paseo espacial   space walk
·paseo por la naturaleza   nature trail
2. (=avenida)   parade,   avenue
·paseo marítimo   promenade,   esplanade
3. (=distancia)   short walk
·entre las dos casas no hay masculineánoun que un paseo
·it'noun only a short walk between the two houses
4. paseo cívico
(Mexicoéx)   procession,   fiesta procession
5. (Spain)   *   (history)   (journey leading to the) summary execution of a political opponent
·dar el paseo a somebody, someone
(history)   to execute somebody summarily   (moderno)   to bump somebody off **
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