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pared / wall
pared   -noun feminine
1. [de edificio, habitaciónoun]   wall
·estar pared con pared con algo
·to be right next door to something
·estar cara a la pared
(school)   to be stood in the corner
b. entre cuatro paredes
·se pasa la vida entre cuatro paredes
·he spends his life cooped up at home
c. hablar a la pared
·es como hablarle a la pared
·it'noun like talking to a brick wall
d. las paredes oyen   the walls have ears
e. ponerse (blanco) como la pared   to go as white as a sheet
f. subirse por las paredes   *   to go up the wall *
·pared de carga   load-bearing wall
·pared divisoria   dividing wall
·pared maestra   main wall
·pared medianera   party wall
2. (anatomy)   wall
·pared arterial   arterial wall
·pared abdominal   abdominal wall
·pared celular   cell wall
3. (Alpinismo)   face wall
4. (football)
·hacer la pared
to make o do a one-two *
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