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palabra / word
palabra   -noun feminine
1. (=vocablo)   word
·un título de dos palabras
·a two-word title
·lo tradujo palabra por palabra
·he translated it word for word
·me lo resumió en dos palabras
·he summarized it for me in a couple of words
·¿me permiten decir unas palabras?
·could I say a few words?
·eso no son masculineánoun que palabras
·those are just (empty) words
·no tengo palabras o me faltan palabras para expresar lo que siento
·I haven't got the o there aren't words to express how I feel,   words fail to express how I feel
·tuvo palabras de elogio para el ministro
·he had words of praise for the minister
·sin decir o chistar > palabra
*   without a word
·no dijo ni media palabra
·he didn't give us the slightest hint
·no entiendo palabra
·I can't understand a word
·es palabra de Dios
·it is the word of God
a. con [buenas] palabras
·me lo dijo con muy buenas palabras
he told me as cool as you like *
·nos entretenía con buenas palabras, pero nunca nos daba el dinero
·he palmed us off with smooth talk, but he never gave us the money
b. [medias] palabras =   hints
·lo dijo todo con medias palabras
·he said everything indirectly
c. en [una] palabra =   in a word
·¡ni una palabra masculineánoun!
·not another word!
d. coger a somebody, someone la palabra
(=creer)   to take somebody at his word
(=obligar)   to keep somebody to his word
e. comerse las palabras   to mumble
f. no cruzar (una) palabra con somebody, someone   not to say a word to somebody
g. decir la última palabra   to have the last word
h. dejar a somebody, someone con la palabra en la boca   to cut somebody off in mid-sentence
·me dejó con la palabra en la boca y se fue de la habitaciónoun
·he walked out of the room while I was in mid-sentence
i. gastar palabras   to waste one'noun breath
j. medir las palabras   to choose one'noun words carefully
k. negar la palabra de Dios a somebody, someone   to concede absolutely nothing to somebody
l. quitar la palabra de la boca a somebody, someone   to take the words right out of somebody'noun mouth
m. tener unas palabras con somebody, someone   to have words with somebody
n. trabarse de palabras   to wrangle,   squabble
o. tener la última palabra   to have the final say
·a palabras necias, oídos sordos
·it'noun best not to listen to the silly things people say
·las palabras se las lleva el viento
·words count for nothing
·palabra clave   keyword
·palabras cruzadas
(Latin America)
(=crucigrama)   crossword singular
·un juego de palabras cruzadas
·a word puzzle
·palabras gruesas   crude language singular
·palabras mayores     offensive language singular
p. ser palabras mayores
(=ser importante)
·¿te han hecho directora? ¡eso ya son palabras mayores!
·so you've been appointed director, that'noun really something!
2. (=facultad de hablar)
·la palabra
·perdió el uso de la palabra
·he lost the power of speech
·tiene el don de la palabra
·es de palabra feminineácil
·he has a way with words,   he has the gift of the gab *
a. [de] palabra
·he pecado nounólo de palabra
·I've sinned in word only
·nos acusó de palabra
·he accused us verbally
b. [dirigir] la palabra a somebody, someone
·hace tiempo que no me dirige la palabra
·he hasn't spoken to me for a long time
3. formal usage
(=turno para hablar)   floor
a. [ceder] la palabra a somebody, someone
b. [conceder] la palabra a somebody, someone =   to give somebody the floor,   invite somebody to speak
c. [pedir] la palabra =   to ask for the floor,   ask to be allowed to speak
d. [tener] la palabra =   to have the floor
·tiene la palabra el señor presidente
·the president has the floor
·yo no tengo la palabra
·it'noun not for me to say
e. [tomar] la palabra =   to take the floor,   speak
f. hacer [uso] de la palabra =   to take the floor,   speak
4. (=promesa)   word
·es hombre de palabra
·he is a man of his word
·cumplió su palabra
·he kept his word,   he was true to his word
·palabra que yo no tengo nada que ver
*   I've got nothing to do with it, (I) promise!
·--¿de verdad que no sabías nada? --¡palabra! o > ¡palabrita del Niño Jesúnoun!
humorous   "you really didn't know anything?" -- "cross my heart and hope to die!"
a. [bajo] palabra   (military)   on parole
b. [dar] o [empeñar] su palabra =   to give one'noun word
c. [faltar] a su palabra =   to go back on o break one'noun word
·palabra de casamiento
·dar palabra de casamiento
·to promise to marry
·palabra de honor   word of honour,   word of honor United States
·¿me das tu palabra de honor de que no diránoun nada?
·do you give me your word of honour you won't say anything?
·¡palabra de honor!
·word of honour!
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