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overwhelm / arrollar
overwhelm   [ˌəʊvəˈwelm]   -transitive verb
1. (=defeat)
[+opponent, team]   arrollar,   aplastar
2. (=overcome)
[difficulties, fear, loneliness]   abrumar
·sorrow overwhelmed him
·estaba abrumado por el dolor
·try not to let panic overwhelm you
·intenta que el pánico no se apodere de ti
·I felt overwhelmed [by] events/her
·me sentía abrumado por los acontecimientos/por ella
·he was overwhelmed [by] their kindness
·su amabilidad le dejó abrumado or le conmovió profundamente
·she was overwhelmed [with] grief
·estaba sumida en la tristeza
·she was overwhelmed with joy
·rebosaba de alegría
3. (=inundate, overload)   (with work)   abrumar,   agobiar   (with questions, requests, information)   atosigar
·you shouldn't overwhelm the customer with too much information
·no deberías atosigar al cliente con demasiada informaciónoun
·we have been overwhelmed [with] offers of help
·nos han inundado las ofertas de ayuda
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