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ought / deber
ought   1   [ɔ:t]   -modal auxiliary verb
1. (moral obligation)   deber
·I ought to do it
·debería hacerlo,   debiera hacerlo
·one ought not to do it
·no se debiera hacer
·I ought to have done it
·debiera haberlo hecho
·you ought to have warned me
·me deberías haber avisado
·he ought to have known
·debía saberlo
·I thought I ought to tell you
·me creí en el deber de decírselo
·to behave as one ought
·comportarse como se debe
2. (vague desirability)
·you ought to go and see it
·vale la pena ir a verlo
·you ought to have seen him!
·¡tenías que haberle visto!
3. (probability)   deber
·he ought to win
·debería ganar
·that ought to be enough
·con eso debería ser suficiente
·he ought to have arrived by now
·debería de haber llegado ya
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