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offshore / cercano a la costa
offshore   [ˌɒfˈʃɔ:r]
A. -adjective
1. (=near the shore)   [island]   cercano a la costa,   del litoral   [waters]   de la costa,   del litoral
·offshore fishing
pesca (f) de bajura
2. (=out at sea)   [rig, platform, drilling]   off-shore adjective invariable,   costa afuera   [well]   submarino
·offshore oil
petróleo (m) de costa afuera
·offshore oilfield
campo (m) petrolífero submarino
3. (=from land)   [breeze]   que sopla de la tierra,   terral
4. (finance)   [account, fund]   en un paraíso fiscal/en paraísos fiscales,   offshore invariable technical
·he has an offshore account
·tiene una cuenta en un paraíso fiscal,   tiene una cuenta offshore technical
·people with offshore accounts
·la gente con cuentas en paraísos fiscales,   la gente con cuentas offshore technical
·offshore banking
operaciones feminine plural bancarias en paraísos fiscales
·offshore investments
inversiones feminine plural en paraísos fiscales
B. -adverb
1. (=near the coast)
[lie, anchor, fish]   cerca de la costa
·they were just offshore
·estaban en las inmediaciones de la costa
2. (=out at sea)
[drill]   off-shore,   costa afuera
3. (=away from the shore)
·the current carried him offshore
·la corriente lo alejaba de la costa or hacia el interior del mar
·they were rescued 20 miles offshore
·los rescataron a 20 millas de la costa
4. (finance)
[invest]   en un paraíso fiscal/en paraísos fiscales
·people who invest offshore
·la gente que invierte en paraísos fiscales
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