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nuclear / nuclear
nuclear   [ˈnju:klɪər]
A. -adjective   (physics, military)   nuclear
B. -compound
·nuclear age   -noun   era (f) nuclear
·nuclear bomb   -noun   bomba (f) nuclear
·nuclear capability   -noun   capacidad (f) nuclear
·nuclear deterrent   -noun   fuerza (f) disuasiva nuclear
·nuclear disarmament   -noun   desarme (m) nuclear
·nuclear energy   -noun   energía (f) nuclear
·nuclear family   -noun   familia (f) nuclear
·nuclear fission   -noun   fisiónoun (f) nuclear
·nuclear fuel   -noun   combustible (m) nuclear
·nuclear fusion   -noun   fusiónoun (f) nuclear
·the nuclear industry   -noun   la industria nuclear
·Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty   -noun   Tratado (m) de No Proliferaciónoun Nuclear
·nuclear physicist   -noun   feminineísico (m) / feminineísica (f)
·nuclear physics   -noun   feminineísica (f) nuclear
·nuclear power   -noun   energía (f) nuclear
·nuclear power station
·nuclear (power) plant   -noun   central (f) nuclear
·nuclear reaction   -noun   reacciónoun (f) nuclear
·nuclear reactor   -noun   reactor (m) nuclear
·nuclear shelter   -noun   refugio (m) antinuclear
·nuclear [submarine]   -noun   submarino (m) nuclear
·nuclear test   -noun   prueba (f) nuclear
·nuclear [testing]   -noun   pruebas feminine plural nucleares
·nuclear [war]   -noun   guerra (f) nuclear
·nuclear [waste]   -noun   desechos masculine plural nucleares
·nuclear weapon   -noun   arma (f) nuclear
·nuclear [winter]   -noun   invierno (m) nuclear
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