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net / red
net   1   [net]
A. -noun
1. (for catching fish, butterflies)   red (f)   (for hair)   redecilla (f)
(=fabric)   tul (m)
a. to cast one'noun net wider   ampliar el campo de acciónoun
b. to fall into the net   caer en la trampa
c. to slip through the net   escapar de la red
2. (Tennis, football)   red (f)
3. (=network)   red (f)
·the Net
(=Internet)   (el or la) Internet
·to surf the Net
·navegar por Internet
B. -transitive verb
[+fish]   pescar (con red)
[+criminal]   atrapar
C. -intransitive verb   (Sport)
(=score goal)   marcar
D. -compound
·net curtain   -noun   visillo (m)
net / neto
net   2   [net]
A. -adjective
1. (commerce)   [price, interest, salary]   neto
·net of tax
·deducidos los impuestos
·at a net profit of 5%
·con un beneficio neto del 5%
·net weight
peso (m) neto
2. [result, effect]   final,   global
B. -transitive verb   (commerce)
(=earn)   ganar en limpio
(=produce)   producir en limpio
·the new tax will net the government £50m
·el nuevo impuesto le supondrá al gobierno unos ingresos netos de 50 millones de libras
·the deal netted him £50,000
·se embolsó 50.000 libras en el negocio
C. -compound
·net assets   -noun plural   activo masculine singular neto
·net income   -noun   renta (f) neta
·net loss   -noun   pérdida (f) neta
·net payment   -noun   importe (m) neto
-noun abbreviation
(United States)   National Educational Television
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