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needle / aguja
needle   [ˈni:dl]
A. -noun
1. (for sewing)   aguja (f)
a. to get the needle   *   ponerse negro *
b. to give somebody the needle   *   pinchar a somebody, someone,   meterse con somebody, someone
c. it'noun like looking for a needle in a haystack   es como buscar una aguja en un pajar
2. (botany)   aguja (f),   acícula (f)
·pine needle
aguja (f) de pino
3. *   rivalidad (f),   pique (m)
4. **
(=drugs)   droga (f)
B. -transitive verb
1. *   pinchar *,   fastidiar
2. (United States)   **
[+drink]   añadir alcohol a
C. -compound
·needle case   -noun   alfiletero (m)
·needle exchange   -noun   (centro (m)) de intercambio (m) de jeringuillas
·needle match   -noun   partido (m) de masculineáxima rivalidad
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