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neck / cuello
neck   [nek]
A. -noun
1. [of person]   cuello (m)
b. [of animal]   pescuezo (m),   cuello (m)
·the rain ran down my neck
·la lluvia me corría por el cuello
c. to be neck [and] neck =   ir parejos
d. the [back] of the neck =   la nuca
e. to [break] one'noun neck   (literally)   desnucarse
·to break somebody'noun neck
(figurative)   romper or partir el cuello a somebody, someone
f. to win [by] a neck =   ganar por una cabeza
g. they threw him out neck and [crop] =   le pusieron de patitas en la calle *
h. she [fell] on his neck =   se le colgó del cuello
i. to [risk] one'noun neck =   jugarse el pellejo or el tipo *
j. to [save] one'noun neck =   salvar el pellejo or el tipo *
k. to be in something [up] to one'noun neck   *   (trouble, plot etcetera)   estar metido hasta el cuello en algo *
·to be [up] to one'noun neck (in work)
*   estar hasta arriba de trabajo *
l. to [wring] somebody'noun neck   *   (figurative)   retorcer el pescuezo a somebody, someone *
·I'll wring your neck!
*   ¡te voy a retorcer el pescuezo! *
·to wring a chicken'noun neck
·retorcer el pescuezo a un pollo
m. to breathe down somebody'noun neck   *   no dejar a somebody, someone ni a sol ni a sombra *
·to have somebody breathing down one'noun neck
·tener a somebody, someone encima
n. to get it in the neck   *
(=be punished)   cargársela *
(=be told off)   llevarse una buena bronca or un buen rapapolvo *
o. to stick one'noun neck out   arriesgarse
2. [of dress, technical-shirt etcetera]   cuello (m),   escote (m)
3. [of bottle]   cuello (m),   gollete (m)
4. (geography)
a. [of land]   istmo (m)
·in your neck of the [woods]
*   por tu zona
·in this neck of the woods
*   por estos pagos *
5. (music)
a. [of guitar]   cuello (m)
b. [of violin]   masculineástil (m)
6. (anatomy)
a. [of uterus, bladder]   cuello (m)
7. (British, Great Britain)   *   nerve  
B. -intransitive verb   *
[couple]   besuquearse *
Collins Spanish Dictionary - Complete and Unabridged and Audio Headword Pronunciation (Spanish) 8th Edition 2005 © William Collins Sons & Co Ltd. 1971,1988 © HarperCollins Publishers 1992,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2005.
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