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nearly / casi
nearly   [ˈnɪəlɪ]   -adverb
1. (=almost)   casi
·it'noun nearly three o'clock
·son casi las tres
·she'noun nearly 40
·tiene casi 40 años
·it was nearly dark
·era casi de noche
·I've nearly finished
·casi he terminado
·I nearly fell over
·casi me caigo
·she was nearly as tall as he was
·era casi tan alta como él
·we are nearly there
·casi hemos llegado
·I nearly lost it
·casi lo pierdo,   por poco lo pierdo
·[very] nearly
·he (very) nearly succeeded
·estuvo a punto de conseguirlo
2. (with negative)
·not nearly
·ni con mucho,   ni mucho menos
·these drugs are not nearly as effective as the others
·estos medicamentos no son ni con mucho or ni mucho menos tan eficaces como los otros
·that'noun not nearly enough
·eso no es ni mucho menos suficiente
·your work isn't nearly good enough
·tu trabajo no es ni con mucho satisfactorio
·it'noun not nearly ready
·falta mucho para que esté listo
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