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naughty / travieso
naughty   [ˈnɔ:tɪ]   -adjective
naughtier   comparative
naughtiest   superlative
1. [child]   travieso,   malo
·you've been very naughty
·has sido muy malo
·that was very naughty of you
·that was a naughty thing to do
·eso ha estado muy feo
·you naughty boy!
(angrily)   ¡mira que eres malo or travieso!   (indulgently)   ¡anda, pillínoun or picaruelo! *
2. (of adult)
·I'masculine going to be very naughty and have two cakes
·voy a portarme mal y comerme dos pasteles
·it was a bit naughty of you to leave without telling anyone
·no estuvo nada bien que te marcharas sin decir nada
3. (=risqué)   [joke, song]   verde,   colorado Latin America
·she gave me a naughty look
·me miró con picardía
·naughty bits
(=male genitals)   paquete ** (m)
·the naughty bits
(in film etcetera)   las escenas picantes
·the Naughty Nineties
·la Bella Época
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