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natural / natural
natural   [ˈnætʃrəl]
A. -adjective
1. (=occurring naturally)   [environment, substance, disaster, remedy]   natural
·she isn't a natural blonde
·no es rubia natural
·he died of natural [causes]
·murió de muerte natural
·the rest of his natural [life]
·el resto de sus días
2. (=understandable)   [reaction, behaviour, feeling]   natural,   normal   [mistake]   comprensible   [explanation]   lógico y natural
·it'noun a perfectly natural mistake to make
·es un error totalmente comprensible
·there is a perfectly natural explanation
·hay una explicaciónoun perfectamente lógica y natural
·it'noun only natural
·es normal or natural
·it'noun only natural that she should be upset
·es normal or natural que esté disgustada
3. (=inborn)   [ability, talent]   innato   [reaction, fear]   instintivo
·he had a natural flair for business
·tenía un don innato para los negocios
·she is a natural leader/athlete
·es una líder/atleta innata
·natural instinct
instinto (m) natural
4. (=relaxed, unforced)   [person, manner, charm]   natural
·I was able to be very natural with him
·con él pude ser yo mismo
5. (=biological)   [father, mother, child]   biológico
6. (music)   natural
B. -noun
1. (=person)
·she'noun a natural with computers
·tiene un don innato para los ordenadores
2. (music)
(=note)   nota (f) natural
(=sign)   becuadro (m)
C. -compound
·natural [childbirth]   -noun   parto (m) natural
·natural [gas]   -noun   gas (m) natural
·natural [history]   -noun   historia (f) natural
·natural [law]   -noun   ley (f) natural
·natural [number]   -noun   (mathematics)   nounúmero (m) natural
·natural [philosophy]   -noun   filosofía (f) natural
·natural [resources]   -noun plural   recursos masculine plural naturales
·natural [science]   -noun   (uncount)   ciencias feminine plural naturales   (count)   ciencia (f) de la naturaleza
·natural [selection]   -noun   selecciónoun (f) natural
·by natural selection
·por selecciónoun natural
·natural [wastage]   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   (industry)   bajas voluntarias de los empleados de una empresa, y cuyos puestos quedan sin cubrir
·the jobs will be lost through natural wastage
·los puestos iránoun desapareciendo a medida que se produzcan bajas voluntarias
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