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nail / uña
nail   [neɪl]
A. -noun
1. (anatomy)   uña (f)
·to bite one'noun nails
·morderse las uñas
2. (metal)   clavo (m)
a. a nail in somebody'noun coffin
·this is another nail in his coffin
·éste es otro paso hacia su destrucciónoun
b. to hit the nail on the head   dar en el clavo
c. to pay (cash) on the nail   pagar en el acto,   pagar a tocateja Spain Spain
B. -transitive verb
1. (=fix with nails)   clavar,   sujetar con clavos
·to nail two things together
·fijar or unir dos cosas con clavos
2. *
(=catch, get hold of)   agarrar,   pillar *
3. (=expose)
[+lie]   poner al descubierto
[+rumour]   demostrar la falsedad de
4. (=define)   definir,   precisar
C. -compound
·nail bomb   -noun   bomba (f) de metralla
·nail clippers   -noun plural   cortauñas masculine invariable
·nail enamel
(United States)   -noun   esmalte (m) de uñas
·nail file   -noun   lima (f) (para las uñas)
·nail polish   -noun   esmalte (m) de uñas
·nail polish remover   -noun   quitaesmalte (m)
·nail scissors   -noun plural   tijeras feminine plural para las uñas
·nail varnish   -noun   esmalte (m) de uñas
·nail varnish remover   -noun   quitaesmalte (m)
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