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nada / nothing
A. -pronoun
1. (=ninguna cosa)   (con el verbo inglénoun en forma afirmativa)   nothing   (con el verbo inglénoun en forma negativa)   anything
·no dijo nada en toda la tarde
·he said nothing all afternoon,   he didn't say anything all afternoon
·no encontraránoun nada que te guste
·you won't find anything you like
·no hay nada como un café despuénoun de comer
·there'noun nothing like a coffee after your meal,   nothing beats a coffee after your meal
·--¿qué has comprado? --nada
·"what have you bought?" -- "nothing"
·no entiende nada
·he doesn't understand a thing o anything
a. nada [de]
·no sabe nada de español
·he knows no Spanish at all,   he doesn't know any Spanish at all
·no tiene nada de particular
·there'noun nothing special about it
·--¿qué te cuentas? --nada de particular
·"what'noun new?" -- "nothing much" o "not a lot"
·no creo que nada de eso te convenga
·I don't think that'noun what you want at all
·¡nada de eso!
·not a bit of it!
·¡nada de marcharse!
·forget about leaving!
·nada de nada
·absolutely nothing,   nothing at all
b. ¡de eso nada, [monada]!   *   no way, José! *
c. esto [y] nada, es lo mismo   it all boils down to nothing
2. (en locuciones)
2.1. (con verbo)
a. [estuvo en] nada que lo perdiesen =   they very nearly lost it
b. no me [falta] de nada =   I've got everything I need
·a la cocina no le falta de nada
·the kitchen has everything
c. [hace] nada =   just a moment ago
d. no se [parecen] en nada =   they're not at all alike
e. [quedar(se)] en nada =   to come to nothing
f. no [reparar] en nada =   to stop at nothing
g. no [servir] para nada =   to be utterly useless
·no sirves para nada
·you're utterly useless
·no sirve de nada que os quejéis
·there'noun no point in you complaining
h. no ha [sido] nada =   it'noun nothing,   it doesn't matter
2.2. (con preposiciónoun, adverbio)
a. [antes] de nada
·antes de nada tengo que telefonear
·before I do anything else I must make a phone call
·se fue antes de nada
·she left almost at once
b. a [cada] nada
(Latin America)   *   constantly
c. [casi] nada
·no costó casi nada
·it cost next to nothing
·¡había unas cien mil personas! ¡casi nada!
·there were no fewer than a hundred thousand people there!
d. [como] si nada
·se lo advertí, pero como si nada
·I warned him but it was as if I hadn't spoken
·le dijo que estaba despedido y se quedó como si nada
·she told him he was fired and he didn't even bat an eyelid
e. [de] nada
·--¡gracias! --de nada
·"thanks!" -- "don't mention it" o "you're welcome"
·fue una mentira de nada
·it was only a little lie
·¡tanto revuelo por un premio de nada!
·all that fuss over such a silly little prize!
f. [dentro] de nada =   very soon
g. nada [masculineánoun]
·--¿desea algo masculineánoun? --nada masculineánoun, gracias
·"can I get you anything else?" -- "no, that'noun all thank you"
·no dijo nada masculineánoun
·he didn't say anything else,   he said nothing else
·son las siete nada masculineánoun
·it'noun only seven o'clock
·quiero uno nada masculineánoun
·I only want one
·encendió la tele nada masculineánoun llegar
·he turned on the television as soon as he got in
·ocurrió nada masculineánoun iniciado el partido
·it happened just after the beginning of the game
·estas flores aparecen nada masculineánoun terminado el invierno
·these flowers come out just after the winter o as soon as the winter is over
·nada masculineánoun que estoy muy cansado
(Andes, Mexicoéx)   it'noun just that I'masculine very tired
h. (nada masculineánoun y) nada [menos] que ... =   (no more and) no less than ...
·han ganado nada menos que un coche
·they've won a car, no less
·entró nada menos que el rey
·who should come in but the king!
i. [ni] nada =   or anything
·es raro que no haya llamado ni nada
·it'noun odd that she hasn't called or anything
·no quiere comer ni nada
·he won't even eat
·pues no es feo ni nada
iró   he'noun not ugly ... much!
j. [para] nada =   at all
·no los mencionó para nada
·he never mentioned them at all
·--¿te gusta? --para nada
·"do you like it?" -- "not at all"
k. [por] nada
·por nada se echa a llorar
·she'noun always crying over nothing o for no reason at all
·no me subiría a un aviónoun por nada del mundo
·I wouldn't get on a plane for anything in the world
·no por nada le llaman "apestoso"
·he'noun not called "smelly" for nothing
·no por nada decidimos comprar
·we had good reason to buy
·por nada y menos puedes hacerte un vestido
·you can make your own dress for next to nothing
·¡por nada!
(Cono Sur)   not at all!,   don't mention it!
·por menos de nada
·for two pins
3. (como coletilla)
·pues nada, me voy
·well, I'masculine off then
·--¿qué pasó? --pues nada, que estuve esperando y no llegó
·"what happened?" -- "well, I was there waiting and he didn't arrive"
·y nada, al final nos fuimos
·anyway, in the end we left
4. (Tenis)   love
B. -adverb   not at all,   by no means
·no es nada feminineácil
·it'noun not at all easy,   it'noun by no means easy
·esto no me gusta nada
·I don't like this at all
·no está nada triste
·he isn't sad at all
·pues no eres nada ambicioso
iró   well you're not very ambitious, are you? ... much!
C. -noun feminine
·[la] nada
·the void
·el aviónoun pareció salir de la nada
·the aircraft seemed to come from nowhere
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