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muddy / lleno de barro
muddy   [ˈmʌdɪ]
A. -adjective
muddier   comparative
muddiest   superlative
1. (=covered in mud)   [clothes, hands, floor, carpet, track, field]   lleno de barro,   embarrado   [water, stream]   turbio
2. (=dull)   [brown, green]   sucio   [skin, complexion]   terroso
3. (=confused)   [ideas, thinking]   confuso,   poco claro
B. -transitive verb
1. (=make dirty)
[+floor, carpet]   llenar de barro
[+hands, dress]   manchar de barro
[+water, stream]   enturbiar
2. (=make confused)
·to muddy the [issue]
·confundir el tema or la cuestiónoun,   enredar las cosas
a. to muddy the waters   confundir el tema or la cuestiónoun,   enredar las cosas  
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