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much / mucho
much   [mʌtʃ]
A. -adjective   mucho
·there isn't much time
·no tenemos mucho tiempo,   tenemos poco tiempo
·much crime goes unreported
·hay muchos crímenes que no se denuncian
a. I haven't got [as] much energy as you =   no tengo tanta energía como
b. [how] much sugar do you want? =   ¿cuánto azúcar quieres?
c. [so] much tea =   tanto
·she'noun got so much energy
·tiene tanta energía
d. [too] much jam =   demasiada mermelada (f)
·we haven't got too much time
·no tenemos demasiado tiempo
e. [very] much =   mucho
·we haven't very much time
·no tenemos mucho tiempo,   tenemos poco tiempo
f. [without] much money =   sin mucho dinero
B. -adverb
1. (=a lot)   mucho   (before past participle)   muy
·she doesn't go out much
·no sale mucho
·it doesn't much matter
·it doesn't matter much
·no importa mucho
·I much regret that ...
·siento mucho que ...
·it won't finish much before midnight
·no terminará mucho antes de la media noche
·much better
·mucho mejor
·he'noun much richer than I am or than me
·es mucho masculineánoun rico que yo
·much pleased
·muy satisfecho
a. much [as] I would like to go =   a pesar de que me gustaría mucho ir,   aunque me gustaría mucho ir
·much as I should like to
·por mucho que quisiera
·much as I like him
·aunque or a pesar de que me gusta mucho
·much as he hated the idea ...
·a pesar de lo que odiaba la idea ...
·much as I respect her ideas, I still think she'noun wrong
·a pesar de que respeto mucho sus ideas or aunque respeto mucho sus ideas, creo que está equivocada
b. [however] much he tries =   por mucho que se esfuerce
c. I hardly know her, much [less] her mother =   apenas la conozco, y mucho menos a su madre
d. [not] much =   no mucho
e. thank you (ever) [so] much =   muchísimas gracias,   muy agradecido
·I feel [ever] so much better
·me siento muchísimo mejor
f. much [though] I like him =   por mucho que él me guste
·much though he hated the idea, he knew that ...
·a pesar de lo que odiaba la idea, sabía que ...
·he had reservations about the scheme, much though he valued Alison'noun opinions
·tenía sus dudas respecto al plan, a pesar de que valoraba mucho las opiniones de Alison
g. much [to] my astonishment =   para gran sorpresa masculineía
h. he talks [too] much =   habla demasiado
i. [very] much =   mucho
·I enjoyed myself very much
·me divertí mucho
2. (=by far)   con mucho
·much the biggest
·con mucho el masculineánoun grande
·I would much rather stay
·prefiero mucho masculineánoun quedarme
3. (=more or less)   masculineánoun o menos,   casi
·they're much the same size
·tienen masculineánoun o menos el mismo tamaño
·they are much of an age
·tienen casi la misma edad
C. -pronoun   mucho
·there isn't much [to] do
·no hay mucho que hacer
·but much remains to be done
·pero queda mucho que or por hacer
a. you've got [as] much as she has =   tienes tanto como ella
·it didn't cost as much as I had expected
·no costó tanto como yo me esperaba
·it can cost as much as \$2,000
·puede llegar a costar 2.000 dólares
b. that'noun a [bit] much!   *   ¡eso es demasiado!
c. there isn't much [in] it   (between alternatives)   no hay mucha diferencia,   no va mucho de uno a otro
d. [how] much is it a kilo? =   ¿cuánto vale el kilo?
·[how] much does it cost?
·¿cuánto cuesta?
·she won but there wasn't much [in] it
·ganó, pero no por mucho
e. she'noun not much to [look] at =   feminineísicamente no vale mucho
f. to [make] much of something =   dar mucha importancia a algo
g. much [of] this is true =   gran parte de esto es verdad
·we don't see much [of] each other
·no nos vemos mucho
·we haven't heard much [of] him lately
·últimamente apenas sabemos nada de él
·I'masculine not much [of] a musician
·nouné muy poco de masculineúsica,   entiendo poco de masculineúsica
·I'masculine not much of a cook
·no cocino muy bien
·he'noun not much [of] a player
·como jugador no vale mucho
·that wasn't much [of] a dinner
·eso apenas se podía llamar cena
h. we spent [so] much =   gastamos tanto
·I've got so much to do
·tengo tantísimo que hacer
i. that'noun [too] much =   eso es demasiado
j. it'noun not [up to] much   *   no vale gran cosa
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