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mouth / boca
mouth   [maʊθ]
A. -noun
mouths   plural   [maʊðz]   (anatomy)   boca (f)
a. [of bottle]   boca (f),   abertura (f)
b. [of cave]   entrada (f)
c. [of river]   desembocadura (f)
d. [of channel]   embocadero (m)
e. [of wind instrument]   boquilla (f)
f. to [foam] or [froth] at the mouth =   espumajear
g. to [open] one'noun mouth   (literally, figurative)   abrir la boca
·he never opened his mouth at the meeting
·en la reuniónoun no abrió la boca
·she didn't dare to [open] her mouth
·no se atrevió a decir ni pío
h. he'noun all mouth and (no) trousers
(British, Great Britain)   *   se le va (toda) la fuerza por la boca *,   es un fanfarrónoun or un fantasma *
i. to be [down] in the mouth   estar deprimido
j. to [shoot] one'noun mouth off   *   hablar masculineánoun de la cuenta
k. to keep one'noun mouth shut   *   callarse,   no decir ni esta boca es masculineía
·[shut] your mouth!
**   ¡cállate ya!
l. to [stop] somebody'noun mouth   **   hacer callar a somebody, someone
m. [watch] your mouth!   **   ¡cuidadito con lo que dices!
n. to put [words] into somebody'noun mouth   poner palabras en boca de somebody, someone
B. [maʊð]   -transitive verb   (insincerely)   soltar   (affectedly)   pronunciar con afectaciónoun,   articular con rimbombancia
·"go away!" she mouthed
·--¡vete de aquí! --dijo moviendo mudamente los labios
C. [maʊθ]
·mouth organ   -noun
(especially British, Great Britain)   armónica (f)
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