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mount / monte
mount   1   [maʊnt]   -noun
1. literary   monte (m)
·the [Sermon] on the Mount
·el Sermónoun de la Montaña
2. (in names)   monte (m)
·the Mount of [Olives]
·el Monte de los Olivos
·Mount Sinai
·el Monte Sinaí
·Mount [Everest]
·el Everest
mount / montura
A. -noun
1. (=horse)   montura (f),   caballería (f) formal usage
2. (=support, base)
a. [of machine]   soporte (m),   base (f)
b. [of jewel]   engaste (m),   montura (f)   (for stamps)   fijasellos masculine invariable   (for photograph in album)   fijafotografías masculine invariable adhesivo   (for transparency)   marco (m)
c. [of specimen, exhibit]   soporte (m)
(=microscope slide)   portaobjetos masculine invariable
(=backing for picture)   fondo (m)
B. -transitive verb
1. [+horse]   montar
[+bicycle]   montar en
[+platform, stage, podium, throne]   subir a
[+stairs, hill]   subir
·the vehicle mounted the pavement
·el vehículo se subió a la acera
2. [+jewel]   engastar
[+stamp, exhibit, specimen, television, speakers]   fijar
[+picture]   poner un fondo a
[+gun, engine]   montar
3. [+exhibition, campaign, event]   montar,   organizar
[+play]   montar,   poner en escena
[+attack, offensive, defence]   preparar
4. ·to mount [guard] (on or over something/somebody)
·montar (la) guardia (para vigilar algo/a somebody, someone)
5. (in mating)   cubrir,   montar
6. (=provide with horse)   proveer de caballo
C. -intransitive verb
1. (=climb)   subir
·the blood mounted to his cheeks
·la sangre (se) le subió a los carrillos
2. also mount up
(=get on horse)   montar
3. (=increase)
[prices, temperature]   subir,   aumentar
[excitement, tension]   crecer,   aumentar
4. also mount up
[bills, debts, problems]   amontonarse
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