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model / modelo a escala
model   [ˈmɒdl]
A. -noun
1. (=small-scale representation)   modelo (m) a escala,   maqueta (f)
2. (=example)   modelo (m)
·to [hold] something/somebody [up] as a model
·presentar algo/a somebody, someone como modelo (a seguir)
·a tribunal is to be set up on the model of Nuremberg
·se constituirá un tribunal segúnoun el modelo de or a la manera del de Nuremberg
3. (=paragon)   modelo (m)
·he is a model of good behaviour/patience
·es un modelo de buen comportamiento/paciencia
4. (=person)   (Art)   modelo masculine and feminine   (Fashion)   modelo masculine and feminine,   maniquí masculine and feminine
5. (commerce)
(=design)   modelo (m)
B. -adjective
1. (=miniature)   [railway, village]   en miniatura,   a escala
·model [aeroplane]
aeromodelo (m)
2. (=prototype)   [home]   piloto
3. (=perfect)   modelo invariable
·a model [husband]/[wife]
·un marido/una esposa modelo
C. -transitive verb
1. ·to model something on something: their new socialist state is modelled on that of China
·su nuevo estado socialista toma como modelo el de China
·the gardens are modelled on those at Versailles
·los jardines estánoun inspirados en los de Versalles
·to model [o.noun.] [on] somebody
·tomar a somebody, someone como modelo
·children usually model themselves on their parents
·los niños normalmente toman como modelo a sus padres
·he models himself on James Dean
·imita a James Dean,   su modelo a imitar es James Dean
2. (Art)   modelar
3. (Fashion)
·Jane is modelling a design by Valentino
·Jane luce un modelo de Valentino
·her daughter models children'noun clothes
·su hija es modelo de ropa de niños
D. -intransitive verb
1. (Art)
(=make models)   modelar
2. (photography, Art)   posar   (Fashion)   ser modelo,   trabajar de modelo
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