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meat / carne
meat   [mi:t]
A. -noun
1. (generally)   carne (f)
(=cold meat)   fiambre (m)
a. it'noun meat and drink to me   no puedo vivir sin ello
·one man'noun meat is another man'noun poison
·lo que a uno cura a otro mata
2. (figurative)   enjundia (f),   sustancia (f)
·a book with some meat in it
·un libro con enjundia or sustancia
B. -compound
·meat eater   -noun
(=person)   persona (f) que come carne   (zoology)   carnívoro (m) / carnívora (f)
·we're not meat eaters
·no comemos carne
·meat extract   -noun   extracto (m) de carne
·meat grinder   -noun
(United States)   masculineáquina (f) de picar carne
·meat hook   -noun   gancho (m) carnicero
·meat industry   -noun   industria (f) cárnica
·meat loaf   -noun   rollo de carne picada sazonado, cocido y servido como fiambre
·meat pie   -noun   pastel (m) de carne   (individual)   empanada (f)
·meat products   -noun   productos masculine plural cárnicos
·meat safe   -noun
(British, Great Britain)   fresquera (f)
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