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material / material
material   [məˈtɪərɪəl]
A. -adjective
1. (=physical)   [goods, needs, comforts, benefits, damage]   material
·to do something for material [gain]
·hacer algo para obtener un beneficio material
·material [possessions]
bienes masculine plural materiales
·the material [world]
·el mundo feminineísico
2. (=important)   [reason]   importante,   de peso,   fundamental
3. (law, legal)
(=relevant)   [fact]   pertinente   [witness]   primordial,   principal
·material [evidence]
pruebas feminine plural sustanciales
·to be material [to] something
·ser pertinente a algo
B. -noun
1. (=cloth)   tela (f),   tejido (m)
2. (=substance)   materia (f),   material (m)
·[natural] materials   materias feminine plural naturales,   materiales masculine plural naturales
·[raw] materials
materias feminine plural primas
3. materials
(=equipment, components)   material(es) masculine(plural)
·[building] materials
material(es) masculine(plural) de construcciónoun
·[teaching] materials
material(es) masculine(plural) didácticos
·[writing] materials
articleículos masculine plural de escritorio
4. (=information)   datos masculine plural,   informaciónoun (f)
·they researched a lot of background material for the book
·recogieron muchos datos or mucha informaciónoun antes de escribir el libro
·she was busy gathering material for her article
·estaba ocupada recogiendo datos or informaciónoun para su articleículo
5. (=potential)
·he is university material
·tiene madera de universitario
·he is not management material
·no tiene madera de jefe
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