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mask / máscara
mask   [mɑ:sk]
A. -noun
1. (as disguise)   (also figurative)   masculineáscara (f)   (just covering eyes and nose)   antifaz (m)
·the man in the mask produced a gun
·el hombre enmascarado or que llevaba la masculineáscara sacó una pistola
·his talk is a mask for his ignorance
·habla para enmascarar su ignorancia
2. (ornamental, ritual)   masculineáscara (f),   careta (f)
3. also face mask   (protective, cosmetic)   mascarilla (f)   (surgeon'noun)   mascarilla (f),   barbijo (m)
4. (in baseball, fencing, ice-hockey)   careta (f)
B. -transitive verb
1. [+person, face]   enmascarar
2. [+object]   ocultar
·a thick grey cloud masked the sun
·una nube espesa y gris ocultó el sol
3. (figurative)
[+taste, smell]   enmascarar
[+truth, feelings, motives]   ocultar,   encubrir
[+effect of drug]   enmascarar
4. (during painting, spraying)   cubrir
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