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marry / casarse con
marry   [ˈmærɪ]
A. -transitive verb
1. (=take in marriage)   casarse con
·to be married to somebody
·estar casado con somebody, someone
·we have been married for 14 years
·llevamos 14 años (de) casados
·to marry money
·casarse con alguien de dinero
2. (=give or join in marriage)   casar
·they were married by the village priest
·los casó el cura del pueblo
·he has three daughters to marry (off)
·tiene tres hijas por casar
3. (figurative)   conjugar,   aunar
·a style which marries beauty and practicality
·un estilo que conjuga or aúna belleza y pragmatismo
·he'noun married to his job
·vive por y para el trabajo,   vive para trabajar or para el trabajo
B. -intransitive verb   also to get married   casarse
·to marry again
·volver a casarse,   casarse en segundas nupcias
·to marry beneath one
·casarse con alguien de rango inferior
·to marry into a rich family
·emparentar con una familia rica
·to marry into the peerage
·casarse con alguien de la nobleza
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