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marriage / matrimonio
marriage   [ˈmærɪdȝ]
A. -noun
1. (=state of being married)   matrimonio (m)
·aunt by marriage
tía (f) política
·to be related by marriage
·estar emparentados
·to become related by marriage to somebody
·emparentar con somebody, someone
·marriage of convenience
matrimonio (m) de conveniencia
·to give somebody in marriage to
·casar a somebody, someone con,   dar a somebody, someone en matrimonio a
2. (=wedding)   boda (f),   casamiento (m)   (figurative)   uniónoun (f)
B. -compound
·marriage bed   -noun   lecho (m) nupcial,   tálamo (m) formal usage
·marriage bonds   -noun plural   lazos or vínculos
·marriage broker   -noun   casamentero (m) / casamentera (f)
·marriage bureau   -noun   agencia (f) matrimonial
·marriage ceremony   -noun   ceremonia (f) nupcial,   matrimonio (m)
·marriage certificate   -noun   partida (f) matrimonial or de matrimonio
·marriage counseling   -noun
(United States)   marriage guidance
·marriage counselor   -noun
(United States)   marriage guidance counsellor
·marriage guidance   -noun   orientaciónoun (f) matrimonial
·marriage guidance counsellor   -noun   consejero (m) / consejera (f)
·marriage licence
·marriage license   -noun
(United States)   licencia (f) matrimonial
·marriage lines   -noun plural
(British, Great Britain)   partida (f) matrimonial or de matrimonio
·marriage partner   -noun   cónyuge masculine and feminine,   consorte masculine and feminine
·marriage rate   -noun   (índice (m) de) nupcialidad (f)
·marriage settlement   -noun   contrato (m) matrimonial   (law, legal)   capitulaciones feminine plural (matrimoniales)
·marriage vows   -noun plural   votos masculine plural matrimoniales
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